What controls are supported by the robot vacuum?

It supports APP control, voice (Alexa, Google Home, etc) and remoter control.

How long can the robot vacuum work?

It can work 90-110min at full power, which is varied based on the suction levels.

What are the cleaning modes?

The robot vacuum has 5 cleaning modes: automatic mode, Zig-Zag cleaning mode. spot cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, manual control mode.

How long does the robot vacuum charge?

It takes about 3.5 hours for the robot vacuum to be charged fully.

After cleaning, the robot vacuum will automatically return to the docking station. While charging, the pink indicator switches to blue and blinks. The blue indicator turns off when the robot vacuum is fully charged.

Will the robot vacuum crash into my furniture?

No, your furniture is safe!

No need for vacuum-vs-couch insurance. 2NICE Robot Vacuum has several features to prevent collisions: dual collision-preventive protection functions combined with infrared anti-collision technology, and a mechanical anti-collision plate.

Can 2NICE Robot Vacuum clean under furniture?

Your robot vacuum can and will clean underneath any piece of furniture that it can fit under, the underside of the furniture must be tall enough so that the vacuum has enough clearance.